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[take] fresh root uncle delicacy fire old Hot pot, that this is the taste of food and drink – Sohu said that teachers are the engineers of human souls, so far, Chongqing, Hot pot, faith! When you are happy, eat hot pot; when you are sad, eat hot pot; when you succeed, eat hot pot; when you resign, eat hot pot; when you fall in love, eat hot pot; when you break up, eat hot pot;…… Yes, in Chongqing, Hot pot is such a belief, tolerant, considerate, meticulous cover and contain everything! Can cure all diseases, can be exciting, you can add! One after another, so many hot pot, which is good to eat? I don’t care, which is the home to go! This does not, accidentally went to the old fire hot pot door! September 28th grand opening, in the discount! For this person, for the dog to eat delicious, time seems to stand still, as if the heart stops. Yes, the discount means that I can let go of meat, drink up! See the store is still a lot of people, from time to time came a unique mellow spicy flavor Hot pot! Brothers and sisters, right here! Boss, red soup, the hotter the better! Bother to bring your specialty dishes! A beer!" Fast yo, just blow a few sentences in Longmen array, the bottom of the pot, dishes will come! Duck: Blood choking the entrance of slag. Boutique in the! Sliced meat: delicate and silky entrance, enjoy. Thin skinned bovine liver: ruddy attractive, soft waxy delicate. Crisp crisp: incense, crisp, thin yellow. Also say, Hot pot flavor, spicy, but not astringent, old Hot pot pepper sesame flavor outstanding, eat like a hot war. This is the taste! Spicy, spicy, mellow mellow, more and more. A few mouthfuls of wine drunk, blurred lights, eating Hot pot, chatting about trifles, comfortable with the release of lingering happiness and disappointment, it is vivid life. A careful inquiry: fresh fire root old hot pot, founded in November 1, 2015, has now opened 11 stores. Rapid development. It seems that the boss something! As the first to eat, chowhound, delicious, and then share! Recommended: 4 star environment: the decoration of the mid-range, feel the old Chongqing service: serving speed, smile in place dishes: fresh and clean style, variety, strongly recommended location: Yubei District Taoyuan duck blood choking in the commercial street area eleven Zhiyingdian Tel: 023, 67257999 ***************************************************************** result of Chongqing dark horse uncle: well-known photographer, delicacy critic travel experience division. Sohu media channel gold medal from the author. "Chongqing morning news" signed the photographer, Chongqing micro-blog celebrity exchange members, love food, love to travel a moe uncle! Micro-blog Sina: @ Chongqing dark horse uncle personal WeChat: cqhmds相关的主题文章:

Zhongzhou Shanghai copper futures closing line more than a single small amount of holdings 月丘うさぎ

Zhongzhou: Shanghai copper futures closing line more than a single small amount of funds held by Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Profit taking market hit, pay close attention to the results of the meeting of the Fed’s monetary policy, overnight LME fell slightly, price above by pressing MA60. LMES copper 3 contract price of 4767 yuan per ton, compared with the previous trading day fell by $14 tons. September 22nd, electronic disk Asia time copper fell slightly. In September 22nd, the main copper contract CU1611 to 37310 yuan ton opened, then the shock rebound, eventually closed at 37650 yuan, up 320 yuan per ton, compared with the previous trading day settlement price rose 0.86%, turnover 202334 hand positions to reduce the 6050 to 172190 hand in hand. News, the Federal Reserve to maintain interest rates unchanged, but said a certain period of time or interest rates will be raised once. The meeting of three members voted that September should raise interest rates, table differences within the Fed is very large, President Yellen believes that the current economy has not overheated, but this year is expected to raise interest rates again, said the Fed’s policy from political influence, on the eve of the November election is not likely to raise interest rates. Overall, the September FOMC meeting, the external economic environment stabilization. Technically, the main copper CU1611 contract closing line, the price on the MA60, the short-term moving average on street, and the price support, MACD showed up kinetic energy increases, the surface has been strengthened, as indicated in early trading, MA60 advised investors to participate in a short, continue to hold more than a single profit, pay attention to the market mood changes. (Zhongzhou Futures: Yu Qing) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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Lampblack machine purchase guide to understand these did not spend the money the author: Wang Ningli E: evaluation of lampblack machine purchase guide as a chowhound light will also qualify, eat, eat will do that can be called "master"! To do good work must first sharpen his tools, in addition to possess a good workmanship, superior, choose a shape lampblack machine with advanced technology is doubly important for kitchen Oh, especially for women, because no one else is willing to become a yellow face? Otherwise, but how many mask can not save! But for the hood choice, many people are confused, the author used to help friends and family around questions. In Jiezhuang season, believe that faces this problem a few friends, today we will talk about the lampblack machine to buy that point thing…… Lampblack machine, just as its name implies, its main function is to purify lampblack, eliminate lampblack. As for the principle of work, I do not speak, too esoteric, we understand the following points is enough. First of all, is the type of lampblack machine, it can be divided into European style, Chinese style, three side suction, the suction side and the European style is the most popular, the market share is very high, and the basic Chinese lampblack machine has been eliminated, and the occasional home users are still in use. Many years ago the old. As for the choice of European style hood or side suction hood, the actual needs of the main users will have to see, they each have advantages and disadvantages, the characteristics of European style hood is beautiful, expensive, electricity, easy to meet, easy drop of oil; and the characteristics of side suction hood is difficult to meet the head, affordable, to an oil downstream will not drop, increases the range of cooking space, more efficient oil smoke. Is the so-called "radish leaves", which kind of lampblack machine will have to see you pay more attention to what factors, can tolerate what shortcomings, like me, not because of love especially in cooking on end, so I chose the side suction hood. Of course, can learn a lot about the home market of the users will ask, now is not the integrated kitchen is also very popular, why not mention the integrated kitchen? Indeed, some professional cooking lampblack machine installation personnel are strongly recommended integrated stove, it has many advantages, such as integrated kitchen kitchen renovation has changed the pattern set, lampblack machine, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet in one, even includes the electromagnetic oven, but also can save 1 meters cabinet money, whether convenience appearance of the decoration effect or the use of the integrated kitchen is better on chip. Integrated kitchen Okuda, SENG, and other brands are invincible state tide in the market, also won many industry awards. But today we are talking about a single product of the hood, as the integration of stoves, after looking for opportunities we can chat. In the choice of brands, ten brands of the field of lampblack machine for FOTILE, Sacon, Vatti, Sakura, boss, Haier, SIEMENS, Vanward, Germany and Italy, each big business style all their own, have technical advantages and watch their different products. At present, FOTILE’s flagship product for the integration of the original butterfly ring suction, with the wind moving sound, automatic cruise booster, intelligent suction of advanced technologies such as cloud cube of wind Cube "Jin cube hood, smoked smoke net effect.相关的主题文章:

[together] will be a full moon, together to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival – Sohu and food maker www.xinkebiao.com.cn

[together] will be a full moon, a food together to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival is Xiamen – Sohu and in particular, in half a month before the holidays, is ready to Bo activities. The restaurant also launched the Mid Autumn Festival package, combined with Bo festive greeting the coming mid autumn festival. On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, a few small partners meet early in the Mid Autumn Festival, and carpenter food has launched a variety of Mid Autumn Festival package, we count the early experience. A food is located in billion Bao building door, little shops, only three rooms, need to make reservations in advance, to identify the menu in advance. Although small, but clever. There is not too much luxury, everything is simple. Here today, to eat this year’s first moon cake, though not particularly love moon cake, but also to the holidays. The complimentary dish, salad tripe, radish skin salad, now it has used the radish radish skin directly, and there is still radish skin, tasty, crispy entrance. Autumn weather is hot, rich in amino acids of Tricholoma matsutake stewed Teal Clams Soup in this season can give people more nourishing! Taste of duck sweet, cold and calm, have the effect of Nourishing Yin, autumn is also particularly suitable for drink duck soup. Sand shrimp is delicious, usually boiled, fried shrimp paste and the sand shrimp is another flavor, sauce is salty sand taste, got fried sand shrimp in taste fresh, salty, with a little wine but right then. Steamed crab is often Green bean noodle dish, and the black rice steamed crab is the first time to eat, high nutritional value of black rice, fresh juice with the crab’s entrance, soft waxy and delicious, but also delicious crab is higher than three. Seafood noodles have been eating and not a staple food? A hot taste, natural needless to say. The fish is delicious fish oil with gentian sliced, tick bone, steamed the entrance temperature happens, fresh, smooth, on the plate is more exquisite. A good dish notch, ginger sauce pork is Denmark new flagship food, pork is not soft rotten, with Jiang Xiang, Q shells and chewy, either wine or rice are very good. The old pot so simple Luffa clam collocation, make sure this autumn has more nourishing soup, towel gourd into the old razor to a bowl of fresh, natural is delicious. The tubular hollowed out, then add some more fried small Vegetable & Fruit Vegetable & Fruit company rolls, crisp and tender, fresh crisp, good taste. The pie looks like bread and cake, soft cotton medium, no matter how young and old love it. Boiled clam worm was the first time to eat a worm boiled, boiled the worm with a hint of spicy flavor, more lovable than clam. Soy and vegetable food maker Name: Address: No. 328 Hubin billion Building 1 floor: 100 Tel: 0592-5152517 per capita相关的主题文章:

CCTV exposure Daily Express Chaos the parcel was take sorter mp7a1

CCTV exposure "Daily Express" Chaos: the parcel is sorter take (CCTV financial "consumer advocate") – eleven over the past several days, you buy the baby home? Is there something on the road? Do you know? At this very moment, your baby may be in such a hurry"! See who threw it away. At the beginning of November 2016, "consumer advocate" the reporter through the candidates resume, is located in Shenzhen City, North Guangdong Longhua new wave peak Logistics Co. Ltd., as a sorting clerk. Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition.. Your double 11 baby was so express! Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition.. Your double 11 baby was so express! Sorting work from 22 in the evening, until the morning of the second day of 7, the day more than 30 employees on duty. Sorter according to express destination, will be placed in different regions to express mail sorting operation room, and then loaded on the truck. In the open space on both sides of the belt conveyor, Guangdong full peak Logistics Co. Ltd. isolation network division of shipment destination with iron, according to the employee needs to express a single address, will identify and releasing them to the corresponding region as soon as possible. Here, the reporter saw, sorting workers tend to take the most simple and brutal approach, the courier will be directly thrown into the appropriate area, and some even use the foot will be kicked into the split network. The State Post Bureau issued in 2011 to "express business operation guidelines" clearly stipulates that the express mail sorting out, away from the contact surface between the placing of express distance should not be more than 30 cm, the fragile piece should not exceed 10 cm. But in Guangdong the peak Logistics Co. Ltd., sorter to all parcels are very casual, from the truck to the sorting and then loading, almost every aspect of the express parcel should be are thrown once, its range is generally 4, 5 meters, far more than 10 meters away. More than 30 centimeters of the State Post Bureau guidance. Whether it is a cardboard box or a plastic bag or a sack, here are treated equally, and even some prominently posted in the fragile signs of the courier can not be spared. There are many employees will express the bulk of the ticket as a table, or as a stool sitting on top of A. Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition.. Your double 11 baby was so express! Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition.. Your double 11 baby was so express! It is obvious that there are a lot of behaviors that do not accord with the "guidelines for the operation of express delivery business" in the process of sorting and delivery in Guangdong. Throw the game is still continuing in November 9th, consumer advocates reporter is located in Shenzhen, Nanshan District express Nanshan company every day, the position is still sorting. Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition.. Your double 11 baby was so express! Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition.. Your double 11 baby was so express! One day into the door of the company’s Nanshan express, you can see the wall hanging with the knot as one, its profit cut gold, fighting double eleven banner. Would like to throw on the throw, would like to dismantle the demolition..相关的主题文章:

Fidelity pure debt products revenue among the top ten similar financial Sohu www.yiyi.cc

Fidelity pure debt products revenue among the top ten similar Sohu financial reporter was informed that more than just pure debt products this year, including the Fidelity Fund’s pure debt funds and debt based, the overall performance is good, the product yield similar among the ten. According to statistics, the Milky Way securities fund research center, as of September 2nd, fidelity quality pure debt A B over the past 6 months respectively to 3.67%, the net growth rate of 3.34%, ranked the comparable fund third, second; A B fidelity gifted classical debt this year were 4.33%, 4.17% of the net growth rate, in the comparable fund ninth, third; fidelity teemko classification over the past 3 months, the net increase of 3.88%, ranked first in 92 than the same type of fund; fidelity double surplus last year net growth rate of 6.91%, ranked the comparable fund before 12; Prudential regular monthly payment is by virtue of performance over the same period 9.57% in 44, only first of comparable products. Looking ahead, the Fidelity Fund said that the economic fundamentals in the long-term weakness does not change, partial loose monetary policy steady, the price of money probably rate to maintain the current level of short-term, the central bank has no intention to drop quasi". Long term investment value of interest rate debt is still in the interest rate can rise to intervene. Credit spreads over compression, short-term investment value is insufficient, the overall risk is greater than the opportunity. Author: (should be preferred) should be preferred相关的主题文章:

We will accelerate the realization of independent research and development and production of f creditcard.ccb.com

To speed up the implementation of aero engine and gas turbine independent research and manufacture of   in order to build China into a aviation power and make unremitting efforts in science and technology — people.com.cn Xinhua news agency, Beijing in August 28,   the establishment of the general assembly China aero engine group company 28, held in beijing. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping made important instructions on the Central Party committee, set up Chinese aero engine group company decision-making from the wealthy and powerful military strategic perspective, to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, promote the reform of the major initiatives taken aviation industry system. I hope you keep in mind the mission, responsibility, adhere to the supremacy of national interests, adhere to the development of civil military integration depth, adhere to the implementation of innovation driven strategy, bold innovation, innovation, down-to-earth, Yongpangaofeng, accelerate the realization of aero engine and gas turbine R & D and manufacturing production, in order to build China into a aviation power and make unremitting efforts. Li Keqiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, pointed out that the establishment of China aviation engine group is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the state council. Aero engine is weighing country, equipment manufacturing industry is the tip, as soon as possible to achieve a breakthrough in this field, to enhance China’s economic strength, national defense and is of great significance to enhance the comprehensive national strength. To firmly establish the new concept of development, adhere to the development of civil military integration strategy, to build a world-class aviation engine enterprises as the goal, relying on reform and opening up, on the basis of independent innovation, promote the artisan spirit, set trimaran push public record, and actively learn from foreign experience, focus on the capture of key technologies. I hope Comrades remember our mission, trust, and drive the development of the practice and innovation to do builders of aircraft power protection, manufacturing power, for the protection of national security, to foster the development of new energy, to promote sustained and healthy economic and social development to make a positive contribution. Ma Kai, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that to seriously study the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang instructions, fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the Central Military Commission decision to deploy, and resolutely implement the work plan requirements and implementation of major projects, adhere to innovation and development, out of an aero engine main road of development; to deepen the reform, to create a vibrant new modern enterprise; adhere to the integration of military and civilian, to better serve the construction of national defense and economic and social development; adhere to people-oriented, cultivate a group of innovative leading talents, science and technology and high skilled talents, realize the mapping of aeroengine from imitation to independent innovation strategic change, strategic change by air power to the aviation power in china. State Councilor Wang Yong attended the meeting and read the important instructions and instructions of the president of Li Keqiang, and the president of the State Council of the people’s Republic of China in the United states. The relevant departments of the central and state organs, the relevant departments of the Central Military Commission of Beijing, as well as the relevant enterprises, universities attended the inaugural meeting. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 01 Edition) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章:

Guangzhou Automobile Group Hong Kong stocks fell by 14%, the largest decline since the listing mkdv-02

GAIG volume fell 14% since its listing in Hong Kong stocks the largest decline in capital flows thousands of thousands of hot columns on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Original title: Hong Kong Guangzhou automobile group fell 14% years of record volume of the largest decline in October 31st, Guangzhou Automobile Group shares in early trading will tiaokongdikai minimum fell to HK $9.26, the biggest decline since its listing in 2010. Afternoon closed at HK $9.38, down 13.79%, amplitude of up to 10.48%. Volume also significantly enlarged, hit a new high of more than a year. At present, the GAC group A shares due to the planning of private placement and suspended state. After October 30th, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced that due to Mr. Zhang to the retirement age, resigned from the board of directors of the company, chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the strategic committee duties, agreed to elect Mr. Ceng Qinghong as chairman of the company, the board of directors for a term for discussion by the date of the expiry of the current board. In addition, the Guangzhou Automobile Group released three quarterly report, this year 1-9 month, the company total revenue of 34 billion 387 million yuan, an increase of 81.43%; net profit of 5 billion 608 million yuan, an increase of 107.60%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: